Additional $30 million being pumped into road projects for St. Ann

Minister of Local Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie addresses a meeting of the St. Ann Municipal Corporation in St. Ann’s Bay, on Thursday (October 10). (Photo: JIS)

Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond McKenzie, says an additional $30 million is to be added to the road budget for the parish of St. Ann.

Speaking at a St. Ann Municipal Corporation meeting in St. Ann’s Bay on Thursday (October 10), the minister emphasised that the additional $30 million is not to be splintered but should be used on major road projects. 

He called on councillors to ensure that when the funds are disbursed for the roadworks, they can point to at least four roads where the people can feel proud that the work was done, and “the roads can stand up to the test of time”.

The minister said the money will be disbursed based on the recommendations of the technical team within the Local Government Ministry.

He also commended municipalities across the island that have utilised roadwork funds appropriately.

Meanwhile, McKenzie informed that the Local Government Ministry will be reviewing the island’s road network.

“There are over 25,000 kilometres of road network in the country that fall under the control of local government, and we will never have enough funds to deal with [all] of them. We are reviewing the road network, because some of the roads that are listed no longer exist,” the minister said.

“Once we have done that, we will be in a much better position to look at the real needs of our roads,” he added.