Aisha Praught-Leer to run despite injury setback

Jamaica’s 1500 metre runner Aisha Praught-Leer is set to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, despite having suffered a major injury just days before lining up on the track.

The 31-year-old was injured on Sunday (July18) in a ‘freak training accident’, which she indicates will require surgery to correct.

“I tore my meniscus ( a complete, off the bone root tear) on Sunday at training- a freak, shocking accident. I heard and felt a painful pop doing a drill, but then proceeded to do one of the best workouts of my life” she said.

However, the Jamaican record holder related that despite this setback she will be running in Tokyo.

“I will line up in Tokyo. When I arrive I’ll get the fluid drained from my knee and get a cortisone injection (this is legal, and my surgeon understands and supports me in this,” she later added.

According to Praught-Leer, she is determined to push through as she wants to fulfill her dreams, though acknowledging that it will be challenging.

“I want to keep believing in the possibility of achieving the wild dreams I store deep in my heart. The reality is they will not happen in Tokyo- running to my ability is not possible on a knee without stability. This is the most challenging reality I have faced in my career,” she said.

Praught-Leer is a record holder in a number of disciplines having lined up in the steeplechase and the 3000 metre for Jamaica in previous events.