All adults should be eligible for vaccine on May 1 — Biden

US President Joe Biden has announced that states should aim to make all adults eligible for the coronavirus vaccine by May 1.

US President Joe Biden

The declaration came during his first prime-time address as president Thursday night, where he outlines his plan to help the nation get “closer to normal”.

Biden shared his plan for increasing the speed of vaccinations and sand he will direct states to lift the requirements on getting the vaccine shot by May 1 by expanding the places and categories of people who can receive it.

To facilitate this drive, Biden said 4,000 additional active-duty troops will be deployed to assist with vaccination efforts and that medical students, vets and dentists will also be allowed to assist with giving shots.

The nation should receive enough doses for those 255 million adults by the end of May.

The US has been the worse-hit nation by the pandemic, recording 29.3 million cases with 530,000 virus-related fatalities.