‘All are welcome’: PM gives more reassurances about Port Royal development

Cruise ship port being built in Port Royal, Kingston.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is insisting that people will be at the centre of development in Port Royal.

A cruise ship port is being developed close to the main road entrance to the historic town, with the first vessel expected to arrive on January 20.

Speaking at a multi-agency meeting at the Office of the Prime Minister on January 9, Prime Minister Holness said Port Royal’s reputation will be maintained as disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

“So, I want that to be upfront in the minds of the planners that Port Royal will not be a free for all. It is not going to be a place for hustlers and people to come to harass. It has to be a place of order. It will also be a place where not just visitors from overseas will have to opportunity to enjoy the experience, we want Jamaicans to be able to enjoy the experience as well. So, we are not creating an exclusive zone. What we will be creating, is an orderly zone,” he stated.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

He emphasised the Government’s objective to uphold the peaceful characteristic of Port Royal for Jamaicans and visitors to enjoy.

He said the Government must ensure that the peaceful profile and economic value of the town are maintained to benefit the residents and the country.