All hail Sam Sharpe! MoBay Mayor reflects on legacy of national hero

MoBay Mayor Homer Davis

Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Homer Davis, is urging Jamaicans to be more appreciative of the legacy left by National Hero, the Right Excellent Samuel Sharpe.

He said the freedom that the country enjoys today is due to the efforts of Sam Sharpe’s fight for liberty during the Christmas Rebellion of 1831.

“Our ancestors suffered a lot as they paved the way for us to be living as free Jamaicans with rights.”

— Davis

“I want us to spare a moment and reflect on what ‘Daddy Sharpe’ did in 1831 through a slave rebellion which led to Jamaica becoming a free nation,” Davis said.

“Our ancestors suffered a lot as they paved the way for us to be living as free Jamaicans with rights, which we sometimes take for granted while other people in other parts of the world continue only to dream of having these rights,” he added.

He was addressing the ‘Flames of Freedom’ celebration at the historic Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay on Friday, December 27, commemorating the 188th anniversary of the Christmas Rebellion.

This sign in Sam Sharpe Square tells the tales of the Jamaican national hero.

The Mayor, who is also the Chairman of the St James Municipal Corporation, further noted that he is optimistic about the prospects of reparation for the injustices suffered by Jamaica’s forefathers, particularly those who resided in Kensington and adjoining districts in St James, where the rebellion started.

“Today’s event brings into sharp focus the efforts of our present-day leaders as we continue the fight to bring closure and indeed justice for Jamaica in relation to our ancestors being victims of colonialism and slavery,” Davis stated.

“This is yet another giant step for the parish of St James and Jamaica on a whole as we seek to right the wrongs which were done to our ancestors,” he added.