Almost 20,000 Amazon workers tested positive for coronavirus

More than 19,000 Amazon employees have caught the coronavirus since March. In a blog post on Thursday (October 1), the e-commerce giant identified 19,816 Amazon and Whole Foods staffers who tested positive for COVID-19.

These workers had or were presumed to have the virus from March 1 to September 19.

That number accounts for about 1.44 per cent of Amazon’s frontline workforce of more than 1.3 million people. The company insists it would have been 42 percent higher at 33,952 if the infection rate among its employees matched that of the general population.

Amazon’s figures come after pressure from labour groups for the company to release its numbers for its employees who have contracted and died from the virus. Amazon did not state how many employees died in its blog post, but says it has been working hard to keep the crisis under control.

“Since the beginning of this crisis, we’ve worked hard to keep our employees informed, notifying them of every new case in their building.”