Alorica’s COVID-19 outbreak keeps St Catherine Health Dept active with contact tracing

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton.

The St Catherine Health Department is actively involved in contact tracing, following the coronavirus outbreak at the Alorica call centre in Portmore, St Catherine.

The call centre is the source of 52 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

Minister Dr Christopher Tufton gave an update during a virtual press conference at the Ministry of Health and Wellness in New Kingston, on Thursday (April 16). He said the St Catherine Health Department is being provided with additional support personnel to expedite their contact tracing efforts.

“In addition to the St Catherine Health Department, the Kingston and St Andrew [Municipal] Corporation (KSAMC) and the Clarendon Health Department are also working to (ensure) that persons who work at Alorica are located in those parishes,” Tufton said.

He noted that of the total number of staff on record at Alorica in Portmore, which is 787 persons, some 559 persons are from the parish of St Catherine, of which contact has been made with 447. 

“There are some challenges as it relates to 112 of those names because of addresses not being correct. We are, however, continuing the efforts to locate those individuals,” he said.

One hundred and seventy nine persons who are contacts of Alorica staff members, have been contacted as well in the parish of St. Catherine.