Amazon to give $500 million in holiday bonuses to its frontline workers in the US

Now is a good time to be an Amazon frontline worker in the US. The company announced on Thursday that it will be giving workers $500 million in holiday bonuses.

Full-time operations staff in the United States who are employed by Amazon from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31 will receive a bonus of $300. And those in part-time roles will get $150, the online retailer said here in a blog post.

Amazon had already paid out $500 million in one-time payments to frontline employees and partners back in June.

It joined several other retailers, including Walmart Inc and Home Depot Inc, to spend millions in bonuses to compensate staff for catering to a surge in online shopping during the pandemic.

The e-commerce giant Amazon continues to be among a fortunate group of companies whose services have not only been unaffected but bolstered the drive for goods and services during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it has been facing intense scrutiny from US lawmakers and unions over whether it is doing enough to protect staff from the coronavirus.