Analyst says Bunting is better positioned to take over PNP

Peter Bunting is said to be in a better position following his loss to Dr Peter Phillips in the PNP presidential race.

At least two political commentators are of the view that Peter Bunting has a bright political future despite his crushing loss in the People’s National Party presidential election.

Bunting lost to Dr Peter Phillips by a narrow margin in a bruising political contest on Saturday (Sept 7).

But political analyst and columnist, Mark Wignall, believes Bunting is even better positioned to take over the reins of the party. He’s of the view that going forward Bunting will wield considerable influence in the PNP. “As for Bunting, he will have clout behind the scenes in negotiating power positions and horse-trading for his key people,” Wignall told BUZZ.

Bunting is considered a front-runner for president following his good showing in Saturday’s election and will be even more so if Phillips lose a general election to the Andrew Holness led Jamaica Labour Party.

Opinion polls have shown that Holness is more popular than Phillips, especially among young voters. Former Junior Foreign Affairs minister,

‘I do not think his position in the party is in any peril.’

—Arnaldo Brown

Former Government minister and political commentator Arnaldo Brown believes Bunting’s position in the PNP is safe.

“I do not think his position in the party is in any peril. This has not been the first that there has been a challenge. The party president now has to define what his role is. I believe Comrade Bunting is committed to the party. I also believe that contests are desirable. It is out of contests that we get legitimacy,” Brown said.