Analyst says Phillips should not accept Bunting’s resignation

Kevin O’Brien Chang said Dr Peter Phillips should not accept Peter Bunting’s resignation.

A political analyst is suggesting that Dr Peter Phillips should keep Peter Bunting and his supporters in his shadow cabinet.

“Dr Phillips, the smart thing to do is not accept the resignations,” Kevin O’Brien Chang told BUZZ. “But you never know, logic can say one thing but emotion can say another.”

Bunting, Mark Golding and Dr Dayton Campbell resigned from the shadow cabinet after Bunting lost his bid to take the presidency of the PNP from Phillips in an election on Saturday. Dr Campbell resigned hours after the election.

Dr Dayton Campbell, Peter Bunting and Mark Golding have resigned from the shadow cabinet.

O’Brien Chang said that keeping Bunting and his supporters in the shadow cabinet would show that Phillips is serious about the unity of the party.

O’Brien Chang said the men did the decent thing in tendering their resignation, which would give Phillips the option of keeping them or moving on.

In a set of tweets Monday (Sept 9), Phillips asked the members of the shadow cabinet to remain in their post and monitor their assigned portfolio. He said that he will be reorganising his shadow cabinet after the PNP’s annual conference on Sept 22.