Anglican Church in Trinidad bans shaking hands amid coronavirus fears

Bishop Claude Berkley of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Anglican Church in Trinidad and Tobago has banned shaking hands among members as fears surrounding the dreaded coronavirus intensifies.

Anglican Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago Claude Berkley confirmed the ban on Tuesday (March 3), telling the Stabroek News via telephone that the church has taken the step in an effort to stop the possible spread of the virus.

He said the church joined Christian faith-based communities in the region and around the world that has placed restrictions on churchgoers to avoid the spread of the disease.

Bishop Claude Berkley (left) in 2016.

Physical contact has been discontinued and there is also a ban on Intinction (the dipping of bread in wine during Eucharist). Berkley said the advisory for the church has been in place since February 6.