Another English Premier League coach gets booted

Quique Sanchez Flores has been sacked by Watford as head coach. (Photo: Independent Digital News & Media Limited)

Quique Sanchez Flores has becomes the most recent English Premier League head coach to receive the pink slip over the poor performance of his club.

Flores was fired by Watford just 85 days into his second term in charge of the team.

The decision to replace the Spaniard was taken after a meeting with chief executive Scott Duxbury and club owner Gino Piozzi. The meeting came on the heels of Watford’s eighth defeat to Southampton on Saturday (Nov 30).

The poor performance has left the football club at the bottom of the Premier League table with only 8 points.

It is being speculated that Chris Haughton, former Brighton head coach, is a strong contender for the job.