Another lockdown for Britain? Health Minister not ruling it out

The UK’s Health Minister Matt Hancock has said a second lockdown is not off the table as he issued a serious warning to citizens to adhere to COVID-19 protocols.

The UK’s health minister has warned that a second lockdown is not off the table as the nation sees a surge in its coronavirus cases.

Hancock on Saturday (September 19) revealed that it was a critical time for time for the country, particularly as the its chief scientific advisor, Patrick Vallance, noted the number of cases were doubling roughly every seven days; in some instances more than 4,000 new COVID-19 cases per day.

While a second national lockdown is a possibility, Hancock revealed that it’s a measure he doesn’t necessarily want to take.

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock

“If everyone follows the rules, then we can avoid further national lockdowns. But we of course have to be prepared to take action,” said Hancock.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called the recent development in the country as part of a “second wave” and has already implemented stricter lockdown measures in areas across the country with London possibly next in line.

Predictions are that Britain could face 50,000 coronavirus cases a day by mid-October if the country stays on its current trajectory.