Another PNP member endorses Dr Phillips

Zuleika Jess has thrown her support behind Dr Peter Phillips.

Yet another member of the People National Party (PNP) has come out in support of incumbent president Dr. Peter Phillips, who is facing a leadership challenge from Peter Bunting.

She is attorney Zuleika Jess, who is the candidate for Central Clarendon.

Jess declared her support for Dr Phillips last night during the public session of her conference. The move was a surprise to many as Jess had said that she would stay out of the matter.

To roaring applaud, Jess listed her reasons for supporting Dr. Phillips. The following are among her reason for supporting Dr Phillips:

  • Dr. Phillips has been a friend to Central Clarendon and has always lent support whenever it is needed.
  • Dr. Phillips has shown her support and given her guidance as she was a political neophyte.
  • Dr. Phillips has never treated the seat as a throw-away due to the fact that it had been in Jamaica Labour Party’s column for the last 40 years.
  • Most importantly, she said that Dr. Phillips endorsed her as a candidate for Central Clarendon without asking her for her support in his presidential race.

Jess also told the gathering: “I invited persons from not just OnePNP I invited from every part of the PNP but it was telling to me who showed up and who has our back. It was telling to me who will be in Central Clarendon when we need the support the most,” she told comrades.