Anti-mining protest underway at Heroes Circle

A group of people who are against mining in the Cockpit Country are now gathered at the Heroes Circle voicing their concerns.

The group, which include several recording artistes and other public figures, started gathering at around 7 o’clock. The group include Tony Rebel, Mutabaruka, I Wayne and politician Ronald Thwaites.

Mutabaruka at the anti-mining protest in Kingston.

Several of the protestors are carrying placards which read, ‘Stop mining in the Cockpit Country, ‘We need the Cockpit Country’, ‘Jamaica, land of wood and water, not mining’ and Stop selling out our future’.

Tony Rebel told BUZZ that he grew up in Manchester witnessing mining damaging crops, killing livestock and sickening people, while calling for an end to mining.

Thwaites echoed similar sentiments. He said there should be an end to mining in the Cockpit Country as people are “suffering” from it.

The protestors will be marching to the House of Parliament.

—Story written by Paujule Henry