Antigua & Barbuda launches vacation discounts ‘Cool Card’

The Antigua & Barbuda Cool Card (Photo:

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority recently launched a discount card dubbed ‘Cool Card’ as a part of the twin islands’ end-of-summer promotions for the #WhatCoolLooksLike destination marketing campaign.

The promotion which began in early September runs until October 30.

The discount card is available for download from the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority’s official website and enables guests to access exclusive offers and benefits at participating hotels, restaurants and tour companies.

In order to access the benefits, interested persons are to first sign up on the website, following which they will receive an official email with instructions for downloading the “cool card” onto their phones.

The cards can be presented to any of the participating partners listed on the official Antigua and Barbuda “special offers” page to benefit from the discounts.

Some of the end=of-summer offers available during the campaign period include:

  • Walking tour of St. John’s city with Rendezvous Antigua
  • Horseback riding with Rendezvous Antigua
  • Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour
  • Adventurous Hike (summer special)
  • Best of Books (summer special)
  • Beach Limerz Cool (summer special)
  • Catherine’s Café (summer special)
  • Sheer Rocks (summer special)