Asafa Powell complains about high electricity bill

Jamaican sprinter, Asafa Powell

Asafa Powell took to social media on Wednesday to complain about an excessively high electricity bill he has received from the Jamaica Public Service (JPS).

In a three-minute video posted to his Instagram account, the Jamaican sprinter expressed his frustration with the utility company. “Mi nuh know if a me alone still ennuh but guys, have you ever gone to JPS to enquire about your bill and won? Never, never,” he said.

He continued; “JPS always finds a way to persuade you that you use more light than the previous month, even if you know for a fact that you did not.”

Claiming that his electricity bill has doubled since last month despite him taking measures to reduce usage, Powell beseeched the company to stop sending him “uptown bill”, especially since he has installed a solar energy system.

“Mi stops use everything, mi wife a dead fi likkle hot water to bathe in a because mi lock off the hot water, mi nuh use pool, mi lock off everything,” he said.

Powell appeared to be at a loss for words in trying to explain the possible reasons JPS might have for increasing his bill. “I don’t know if it’s because mi stop using things, or mi nuh know maybe a tru Olympics a gwaan dem a try sneak in some bill,” he said. “Every AC in a mi house connect pon a battery system, it nah go to JPS,” he added.

“Something has to be done because JPS cannot be bullying people suh yuh just double up bills for no reason,” he added.

And it looks like the ‘sub 10 king’ isn’t the only one dealing with high electricity bills. People in his comment section had similar tales.

“You will never win with JPS it’s not just alone these bills are crazy,” one individual said.
“I’m so happy you spoke about this, it’s ridiculous, This needs to stop” another person commented.

This is not the first time that Powell is publicly criticizing the utility company. In June last year, he had a similar complaint.