Asia’s ‘murder hornets’ spotted in the US

The murder hornet (Photo: NBC News)

Oh come on, 2020 can we get a break? BUZZ fam, so apparently now there’s a hornet in the US called the “murder hornet”. This deadly meat eating Asian giant has been known to kill up 50 people a year in Japan.

It recently appeared in the Washington state and is apparently making its merry way into New York City, too.

This is the world’s largest hornet, at more than 2 inches long and it looks like they made their way to the US abroad a ship from China.

And they are expected to arrive on the East Coast at least in the next two to three years.

And in terms of eventual local infiltration, city green spaces in the outer boroughs are the most likely places.

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And these things multiply fast! All it takes is a few hornets and you’ve got a colony. And even more terrifying BUZZ fam is the fact that not even your most advanced beekeeper suit can protect you from it!

Unlike bees, that can only sting you once then die, the murder hornet can sting you multiple times, and the worst thing you can do is kill it as that will release a pheromone and the whole hive will dive down on you.

And according to the experts, this hornet is here to stay.