Asteroid headed towards earth in November

As if the US presidential election is not already shaking things up enough, an asteroid passing close to earth around the day of the election just might.

The asteroid was discovered in 2018, spotted by astronomers from Palomar Observatory in San Diego, but has not been detected since.

It’s called asteroid 2018VP1, and, according to NASA is projected to come close to earth sometime during the day before the 2020 presidential election on November 3.

The asteroid will likely come as close to between 4,700 miles and 260,000 miles of Earth, according to Forbes.

But there is good news! There is only a 1 in 240 (0.41%) chance of the asteroid entering earth’s atmosphere and because the asteroid is only around seven feet in diameter, if it does manage to enter the Earth’s atmosphere, it would appear as an extremely bright meteor and break up into tiny pieces.