At least $5.5 billion needed to repair Jamaica’s roads — NWA

The price tag to repair Jamaica’s damaged road network after recent heavy rains will be at least $5.5 billion.

The assessment was given by the National Works Agency (NWA) which said the true tally of the damage has not been completed.

Removing blockages and initial activities to make the roadways crossable will account for half of that amount, said the agency’s CEO EG Hunter yesterday.

“We are not pretending that we are reconstructing these roads, and we do acknowledge that the work that we are doing in the initial phase is of a temporary nature designed largely to get people to move about. The question of the permanent solution is something that we will have to tackle as we go along,” Hunter said.

The NWA reported that 206 roads were severely affected island-wide which has resulted in the hefty bill.

The total also does not factor in funds needed to improve the roads to prevent similar damage going forward.