Auditor: Barcelona is now the world’s richest football club

Barcelona has now overtaken Real Madrid to become the world’s wealthiest football club, according to the auditing firm Deloitte.

Deloitte Football League lists the top football clubs according to revenue garnered for the year. Of the top 20 football clubs that make the list, eight are English, with Tottenham Hotspur now London’s richest club due in the main to the astute management of its Chairman Daniel Levy.

Manchester United remains England’s richest club.

Barcelona is now top of the pile, supplanting Real Madrid, with the club focusing on its own merchandising and licensing endeavours rather than relying on third party operatives.

2020 Deloitte Football Money League table in full

  1. Barcelona – €840.8m (£741.1m)
  2. Real Madrid – €757.3m (£667.5m)
  3. Manchester United – €711.5m (£627.1m)
  4. Bayern Munich – €660.1m (£581.8m)
  5. Paris Saint Germain – €635.9m (£560.5m)
  6. Manchester City – €610.6m (£538.2m)
  7. Liverpool – €604.7m (£533m)
  8. Tottenham – €521.1m (£459.3m)
  9. Chelsea – €513.1m (£452.2m)
  10. Juventus – €459.7m (£405.2m)
  11. Arsenal – €445.6m (£392.7m)
  12. Borussia Dortmund – €377.1m (£332.4m)
  13. Atletico Madrid – (€367.6m (£324.0m)
  14. Inter Milan (€364.6m (£321.3m)
  15. Schalke (€324.8m (£286.3m)
  16. Roma (€231.0m (£203.6m)
  17. Lyon (€220.8m (£194.6m)
  18. West Ham – €216.4m (£190.7m)
  19. Everton – €213.0m (£187.7m)
  20. Napoli – €207.4m (£182.8m)