Australia in a fiery nightmare

Fireman fighting a blaze in Tomerong, North South Wales, Australia, on Saturday. (Photo: The New York Times)

With more 20 people dead, 1,300 homes destroyed and over 12 million acres of land scorched, Australia is not having a good summer by any stretch of the imagination.

Yes, BUZZ fam, it’s summer down that side, and it’s hot, really hot. Temperatures are averaging in the 40s providing the heat needed to support the fire in a large part of southern Australia. This has led to widespread devastation on a scale that has never been seen before.

The fires, which have been burning since September, are mostly concentrated in the states of New South Wales and nearby Victoria, and based on indicators, it is projected to get worst.

This massive cloud of smoke was seen in Victoria, Australia, on January 2. (Photo:

Habitat destroyed

Persons had to be rescued after they ignored calls to leave their houses, and it has reached a point where some had to make their way to a beach where they were rescued by naval vessels.

Also in the path of the fire are Australia’s unique bunch of animals, such as kangaroos, that are seeing large areas of their habitats destroyed because of the long-standing blaze.

A number of firefighters have been deployed by the local authorities but help has been arriving from overseas with the US sending a batch of personnel to assist with the fight recently.

We, at BUZZ, pray for the safety of those affected and hope that this devastation will end as soon as possible.