Authorities seek parents of child seen in TikTok video saying he wants to become a ‘gunman’

A viral TikTok video with a child stating that he wants to become a gunman in the future has caught the attention of the island’s two major child protection agencies, the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) and The Office of the Children’s Advocate (OCA).

Both agencies are currently trying to locate the boy and his parents.

In the 29 second long video, the boy is asked his age and what he would like to become in the future when he grows up.

“Gunman,” says the child.

“ No brother,” responds the person filming the ordeal, who breaks out into laughter.

“How you mean? Cah yuh nuh hear seh a gunman kill police pon TV ,” adds the child.

Despite the person filming , who sounds like an adult, suggesting that the child’s answer was not an appropriate profession, the boy maintains that it is the line of work that is most attractive to him .

“You can’t be a gunman,“ the adult is heard saying , as he holds the child’s face in an attempt to make eye contact.

“How you mean, but you can tell me what fi be brother … you can’t tell me what fi be, brother ,” responds the child who is also heard giggling.

Memebers of the relevant child agencies have expressed shock and outrage at the video, noting that every effort will be made to track down the child and his parents.

Children’s Advocate Diane Gordon Harrison said every effort would be made to provide the necessary intervention, though she noted that many Jamaican children have been exposed to inappropriate behaviours