Autistic Jamaican man faces deportation from Britain

Osime Brown

A petition has been launched to save 21-year-old Osime Brown from deportation from Britain.

Brown is autistic and migrated to Britain from Jamaica when he was four-year-old.

According to the BBC, he was jailed in 2018 for robbing a phone through the joint enterprise law. This law is often used in gang cases as it allows for group culpability for crimes, and has been criticized for targeting young black and mixed-race men.

The petition has so far received more than 150,000 signatures. His mother, Joan Martin said Brown cannot understand deportation and asked her which bus he would need to catch from Jamaica to visit her at home in Dudley.

Martin said her son has been self-harming in prison, where he is due to be released today (October 7) adding that “everything is draining from him”.

“I have to be honest with him, I said if they deport you, you can’t come back,” she said. “He looked like the light when you turn it off,” she said.

According to the creator of the petition, Brown “is profoundly autistic and developmentally younger than his peers. Osime is also learning disabled, dyslexic and due to his time in care has since been diagnosed with PTSD, and suffers with depression.”