Bajan singer to sue St Lucian PM for unpermitted song use at political rally

Barbadian Cultural Icon Anthony “Mighty Gabby” Carter is peeved that his song was used as part of an election campaign in St Lucia.

Carter said his music was used without his authorization at a recent campaign event staged by St Lucia’s United Workers Party.

He is demanding EC $40 000 from Prime Minister Allen Chastanet for the use of his copyrighted music.

Although Prime Minister Allen Chastanet denied the allegations, Carter told BUZZ that he has evidence from “very reliable sources” that his musical property was in fact used.

“What I’m saying to you is that my people, a very reliable source- very reliable [I am certain of the use of my music] as I said in my letter. But I’ve been advised to stay calm and out of the press until we have solved the problem. It’s not a major problem, it’s a problem that can be resolved,” he said.

The cultural ambassador maintained admitted that though he has been previously been involved in election campaigns, he’s not doing so “at this late stage” with St. Lucia.

“If anybody remembers I was involved in three elections with Ralph Gonsalves and my music was played throughout the campaign and I also went on the platform and sang and I campaigned in people’s houses and neighborhoods,” told BUZZ.

“In Barbados people would tell you I am involved in politics it is not that I am not involved but with the present situation I don’t want to be involved in [this political thing now],” he added.

While the highly respected calypsonian has not disclosed which songs have been used for the political advertisements, in a statement issued on July 20 he said that the UWP had crossed the line by playing his music without the expressed permission of the composer or publisher.

Another source close to Carter told BUZZ that he was certain that they were hearing the songs played in St Lucia.

“This is nothing more than Gabby saying look you playing my song stop playing my song- you don’t have my permission-stop playing it,” the source added.