Banks push St Lucians to use online services due to coronavirus

Despite vowing to keep bank branches open, the Bankers Association of Saint Lucia has been encouraging customers to utilize their bank’s digital platforms, as a means of conducting business.

The association in a release stressed the use of digital platforms to complete simple transactions, such as, transferring funds and bill payments.

“Avoid crowds and reduce the time spent in the banks by making use of your bank’s online and mobile banking platforms. These platforms can be used to access all your online accounts at any time to conduct a number of transactions; the most commonly used ones being transferring funds between your accounts, pay your utility bills, send international wire transfers, make third party payments, manage your credit cards, and apply for credit and other banking facilities,” read the release.

The banking association also noted that customers could access banks through telephone and e-mail, as well as, added that customers should limit their use of cash.

If a visit to the bank is unavoidable, the association noted that upon entering the different financial institutions, customers should make use of the hand sanitizer to cleanse their hands.

The association used the opportunity to share that most banks had enhanced their internal cleaning protocol and have made the required sanitary provisions, highlighting that all banks now have hand sanitizer strategically placed to encourage good behaviours.

Likewise, the association added that banking staff have been asked to take regular breaks to wash their hands- a practice the association notes may slightly impact the speed with which service is delivered.

St Lucia, like other countries in the region, has been encouraging social distancing as a means of slowing down the spread of the coronavirus.