Barbadian UN Ambassador tests positive for COVID-19

Barbadian Ambassador to the United Nations, Elizabeth Thompson. (Photo: Flickr)

Barbados’ Ambassador to the United Nations, Elizabeth Thompson, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on her return to the island, a statement from Office of the Prime Minister has disclosed on Tuesday, May 19.

The senior stateswoman arrived in Barbados on Monday afternoon, May 18.

According to the statement, Thompson, who left New York City to be with her mother over the weekend, is reportedly asymptomatic and is feeling well.

“Thompson arrived on a private jet and was tested at Paragon immediately after her arrival. This morning we received information that her test was positive. There was one other passenger on the plane on which the Ambassador travelled. That passenger was also tested; that test is negative,” the Barbadian OPM noted.

Thompson’s 95-year-old mother became gravely with a heart condition not related to COVID-19, the communiqué continued, however, due to the nature illness, she was allowed to be at her bedside. The elder Thompson is being cared for comfortably at home in Barbados.

Thompson, since testing positive for COVID-19, has gone into isolation at Harrison’s Point.

The statement further indicated that having gone to her mother’s residence, Thomspon has had no contact with other members of that household.

“Ms Thompson was wearing a mask from the moment she got off the plane and has been practising physical distancing. Despite not having contact with members of the household, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is taking the usual precaution of testing family members. All precautionary measures and protocols are being observed,” the Prime Minister’s Office wrote.

Barbados now has 89 cases of the coronavirus, with eight patients dying from complications induced by the disease and a further 68 recovering completely.