Barbados battling COVID clusters, unvaccinated lashed for fuelling the pandemic

Barbados has reached a concerning all-time high in COVID-19 cases with reports of 158 active clusters.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George made that announcement at a press conference earlier today as he complained that the Barbadian public continues to flout the protocols.

“Barbadians we are not in a good place-infections are widespread, we are seeing persons are not heeding the calls of public health officials. They continue to not wear masks in public places, they continue to socialize in very close proximity with each other and the issue is that the vaccine uptake is not where we would like…”

Dr. George while addressing the nation said that the facts continue to show that it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

“Those seventy deaths are all unvaccinated individuals. This is the truth-we in the Ministry of Health are not either inflating numbers, deflating numbers- we have told you that we come to you with the truth and it is very unfortunate when we put in the public space that individuals who have died so far are unvaccinated.”

George said that such announcements for some reason have created a “push back” from members of the public

He made a renewed plea for Barbadians to take the vaccine.

“Please come forward. We have tried to expand our community-based work. We have ramped up our testing within our mobile units and we continue to do vaccinations among shut-ins in Barbados but we honestly need your help. We can beat this.”

Echoing his sentiments was Infectious Disease Specialist and Manager of Isolation Facilities Dr Corey Forde who warned that Barbados is still in the midst of a storm but he expressed that he’s optimistic despite the climbing numbers

Currently, 38.1 per cent of Barbados’ population is fully vaccinated.