Barbados halts UK poultry imports after bird flu outbreak

Barbados bans poultry imports from UK following bird flu outbreak. (Photo:

Barbados has banned poultry imports from the United Kingdom following news that chicken farmers across England are subject to new measures to control the spread of a new bird flu.

Barbados announced that a ban had been placed on the importation of all commercial imports of poultry, hatching eggs and fresh, frozen or chilled poultry products after it was announced there was an outbreak of Avian Influenza (HPAI) H5N8 late last week.

“An immediate ban has also been enforced on the importation of personal imports of live birds, feathers and foods containing poultry products,” said the Veterinary Services Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture in a release.

The veterinary unit further noted that commercial imports of cooked poultry products from the UK may continue to be imported provided that they are accompanied by an appropriate health certificate.