Barbados records first COVID-19 deaths in nine months

The deaths of two elderly men in Barbados have been attributed to the coronavirus, marking the nation’s first such fatalities since last April.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant-Colonel Jeffrey Bostic

The update was provided by the island’s Minister of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant-Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, during a televised press conference yesterday.

Bostic said the latest victim, was an 83-year-old man who passed away in Accident and Emergency, after being transferred from a nursing home where he was briefly admitted. He said contact tracing is underway at the home but stressed that the level of exposure “would have been limited”.

Additionally, a man who passed away on January 16 was confirmed to have also had the virus.  In stating the reason for including the deceased, Bostic said, “A policy decision has been taken that as long as a person who passes away and had respiratory symptoms, tests positive, we would count that as a COVID-19 death. 

Barbados has recorded nine COVID-related deaths since the start of the pandemic.