Barbados records five days straight with no new COVID-19 cases

Barbados is enjoying another day without any new coronavirus cases. This is the fifth day straight that the island has not recorded any new cases.

Confirmed cases therefore remain at 190, comprising 103 females and 87 males. Recoveries have moved to 179 and the numbers in isolation to four.

As of yesterday, the public health laboratory completed 23,468 tests.

Meanwhile, Barbados’s Ministry of Health and Wellness released the country’s updated travel protocols which will see the United Kingdom (UK) moving to the High-Risk category effective October 1, 2020.

Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Lisa Cummins said this was done because of the high number of cases in the UK. And she said Babardos is working to keep its coronavirus numbers low.

“If you examine our track record, you’ll see that thanks to our protocols and the round the clock work of our professionals, we have been able to capture almost all of the COVID-19 cases at the point of entry. This has allowed us to manage our risk and to ensure that anyone impacted by the virus has been isolated from the wider community,” she said.