Barcode required for some travellers as China to lift lockdown for Hubei

The two-month lock down of Hubei is expected to come to an end on April 8, as the Chinese province slowly creeps back towards normalcy.

The Chinese authorities made the revelation, as they confirmed that domestic cases of the virus have continued on a downward trajectory.

Chinese officials further revealed that they would be relaxing some of the drastic measures taken in light of the coronavirus pandemic, prior to the April 8 date.

While some -primarily workers – will be able to travel in and out of the province, they will be required to have a type of barcode on their phones which will indicate their health status.

Hubei province, the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, was swiftly shut down on January 23, 2020, with the relevant authorities barring people from entering and leaving the area.

The drastic steps came as the coronavirus began spreading overseas.

The virus which wreaked havoc on the capital city, Wuhan, killing thousands of people, has finally begun to slow, with authorities reporting no new indigenous cases on Monday (March 23).