Beaches and rivers close today, see list of those affected

Minister of Local Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie is reminding the public that 36 beaches and rivers are officially closed as of today, Friday, August 14.

This means BUZZ Fam, that no activities can take place at these venues and no access to them will be allowed until further notice.

“We are serious about preserving public health, and that is why these 17 beaches and 19 rivers, which reflected glaring and continuous breaches of the COVID-19 protocols must be closed at this time. We will be monitoring these locations to make sure that they are closed until permission is given for re-opening,” the minister said.

“I am calling on those who will go to other beaches and rivers this weekend and thereafter, to stick to the protocols. We want to see increased use of masks, more sanitising and social distancing. We don’t want the venues to be overcrowded. People can have a great time without creating an increased risk of contracting and transmitting COVID-19,” he added.

The list of beaches and rivers now closed are as follows:

Kingston and St Andrew
Bob Marley Beach
Cane River Falls
Penfield River
Grove River
Cane River (Dallas)
Hope River

St Catherine
Hellshire Beach
Caymanas River/Natures Paradise River

Farquhar Beach
Salt River
Cockpit River

Alligator Pond Beach
Alligator Pond River
Noisy River (Oxford River)
Gutts River

St Elizabeth

Great Bay Beach

Bluefields Beach
Sweet River
Norman Manley Beach
Roaring River

Burwood Beach
Jacobs Taylor
Half Moon Bay
Victoria/Charlott Beach

St Ann
Ocho Rios Bay Beach/Turtle Beach
Little Dunn’s River
Fantasy Beach
Cardiff Hall Beach /Flavours Beach

Winnifred Beach
Frenchman’s Cove

St Mary
Spanish Bridge River
Blue Hole River — Cascade

St Thomas
Yallahs River
Reggae Falls
Roaring River