Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago closed to limit social gatherings

In an effort to support the Government’s call to limit social gatherings due to COVID-19, beaches across Trinidad and Tobago have started to close.

Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago are being closed to limit social gatherings.

The Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA)  in west Trinidad announced on Thursday that it closed access to Macqueripe, Williams Bay and Chagville Beaches. The CDA said via a statement that the move was necessary as it was reported that despite the call to limit social gatherings, Macqueripe Beach remained crowded.

The CDA also indicated that it was working with the police and Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force to execute continuous patrols of the Chaguaramas peninsula to monitor the beaches, as well as to ensure that the bars remain closed and restaurants don’t encourage in-house dining.

Meanwhile, in Tobago, the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation announced that, effective immediately, all of its beach facilities will be closed until further notice to limit public gatherings.

The beach facilities include Mt Irvine Beach Facility; Castara Beach Facility; Parlatuvier Beach Facility; Bloody Bay Beach Facility; Charlotteville Beach Facility; Speyside Beach Facility; King’s Bay Beach Facility; Fort Granby Beach Facility; Store Bay Beach Facility; and Pigeon Point Beach Facility.

Cabinet initially agreed to limit social gatherings to no more than 25, but later reduced the number to 10 in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19.