Beenie Man launches ‘ever clean school tour’ to address climate change

The next time you hear dancehall artiste Beenie Man’s hit single Eva Clean, instead of thinking about your outfit, you might be motivated to find out what you can do to address climate change.

At least that’s the aim of his Eva Clean School tour that was launched recently in association with the Recycling Partners of Jamaica and Brain Box Marketing.

The initiative sees the artiste visiting schools across the island to bring awareness to the issue of global warming. It also involves highlighting ways to combat climate change.

The Eva Clean School tour will focus on recycling and promoting proper solid waste management and disposal within Jamaica.

“The aim of the tour is to bring awareness to the global conversation: #climatechange within the schools, while highlighting ways to combat climate change and to promote a cleaner Jamaica one school at a time,” Beenie Man said.

“One tree at a time will help to combat the changes in the climate. Special big up to Hope Gardens for their partnership,” Beenie Man posted on his Instagram page highlighting the tour.