Belgian farmer accidentally changes French border

(Photo: BBC)

A Belgian farmer just changed his country’s border with France.

The stone that marked the border between the two countries was moved after the farmer apparently got annoyed that it was in the path of his tractor.

He moved it 2.29m (7.5ft), making Belgium bigger. The shift was noticed by a local history enthusiast who was walking in the forest.

Luckily, both sides are finding humour in the situation.

“I was happy, my town was bigger,” the Belgian mayor said a laugh. “But the mayor of Bousignies-sur-Roc didn’t agree.”

“We should be able to avoid a new border war,” the amused mayor of the neighbouring French village, Aurélie Welonek, told La Voix du Nord.

“He made Belgium bigger and France smaller, it’s not a good idea,” David Lavaux, mayor of the Belgian village of Erquelinnes, told French TV channel TF1. That sort of move caused a headache between private landowners, he pointed out, let alone neighbouring states.