Belize get US$10 million loan from IDB

Dean Barrow, the Prime Minister of Belize, recently signed the loan agreement with IDB.

The Belize government has signed an agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to implement a US$10 million loan to improve the quality and gender equity of education at the primary and secondary levels in the country.

“Education is a huge priority for us. This particular agreement, part of what really is a continuum with respect to the bank’s assistance with respect to education, this is especially important. So, I, once again, place on record our gratitude to you and to the bank,” Prime Minister Dean Barrow said as he signed the agreement with the IDB’s Country Representative Dr Cassandra T. Rogers.

“I, once again, place on record our gratitude to you and to the bank.”

— Barrow

The agreement launches the second phase of the Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQIP II), with special focus on innovation in Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education, and that will expand the learning of scientific, digital and problem-solving skills.

STEAM Lab School

As part of the programme, a STEAM Lab School will be built in Belize City, as an innovative secondary school that provides young people with enriching pathways to future-forward education and career opportunities.

The school will encourage innovation and experimentation by its student and faculty bodies through its integrated, inquiry and problem-based learning approaches. It is envisioned that the school will have 300 students once fully operational.

At the primary level, the program will help the 50 per cent of schools that have not yet benefited from EQIP as part of its first phase. This will include training in hands-on student-centred learning for 320 principals, 1,500 teachers and some 12,000 students.