Belize’s PM, Dean Barrow, tests negative for COVID-19

Belize’s Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, has tested negative for COVID-19 that claimed the lives of two Belizeans on Friday.

Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow

A brief statement from the Office of the Prime Minister said that PCR results indicate that PM Barrow tested negative for the coronavirus after being swabbed on Thursday.

Barrow, who is not contesting the November 11 general election, having announced his decision to step away from active politics, took the test after his Chief of Security, Jeff Gabriel, tested positive on Thursday. He had been in contact with Prime Minister Barrow earlier in the week.

“The Office of the Prime Minister informs the public that the Prime Minister Right Honourable Dean Barrow has tested negative for COVID-19.  The Prime Minister, his driver and his staff at the Laing Building were swabbed for COVID-19 after his security tested positive for COVID-19,” according to the brief statement from the Office of the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the death toll for COVID-19 in Belize reached 66 after two persons succumbed to the illness.

The Office of the Director of Health Services said that the two males died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

“The two most recent deaths, one is an elderly gentleman from San Ignacio who had been swabbed towards the end of last week, highly symptomatic in his eighties, and he had turned out to be positive,” said the Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero.

“Of course we wanted to make the diagnosis because of the turnaround time of some patients, that takes a little bit longer to be able to document, but he was confirmed as a positive case. The other person was also, that’s an elderly male in his eighties from Orange Walk who had been referred to Karl Heusner for supportive therapy, and he died yesterday. I believe that two or three days before he died, he had a stroke,” he added.

Belize now has 3,977 positive cases with 1,588 being active.