Bella eyes Jamaica for new spa location amid rise in demand for designer bodies

Known popularly as ‘Bella’, Shivaughnette Mendoza, is looking to expand her spa operations into Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.

Mendoza, who operates Bella Body Spa and Beauty Lounge, says the recent explosion in demand for cosmetic surgeries in the region is likely to be followed by an uptick in those requiring after care, and additional services to maintain their new look.

Already having an established spa in the heart of Queens, New York, Mendoza on Monday (November 15) opened a branch in her native Trinidad and Tobago.

“So we just opened on Monday. Since we’ve opened the reception has been pretty good. We’re getting a lot of calls and we’re already booking clients. So it’s pretty amazing to bring that into the country,” Mendoza said.

Mendoza shared that already body sculpting and butt plumping were among the most demanded services, noting that she anticipates even further growth in demand in these areas.

According to Mendoza, cosmetic surgery may help an individual to achieve the look that they want but to maintain the results, other techniques are necessary.

“So even if you do plastic surgery, and you do the traditional liposuction, you still have to come back and do the maintenance. After a while, your body is going to lose memory. It’s going to start growing fat cells in certain places. But maintenance is very important when you do any type of procedure like this,” Mendoza explained.

Mendoza went on to explain that customers don’t just visit and ask for a particular service, noting that there is an extensive consulting process designed to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

“So you have to consult first so we can see what your body basically needs. And then we could build something around your needs for your body,” said Mendoza.

“Because sometimes not everybody needs reducing, you probably just need tightening. So, with the machines and stuff that we have, we’re able to tighten the body in different areas through red light therapy, which is radio frequency,” added Mendoza, who sought to give a brief insight into the body sculpting process.

On the matter of safety, Mendoza shared that because the services performed in her spa are non-invasive, often utilizing a compression technique, that they were very safe.

“The body sculpting that I do is non invasive. So we’re not using any needles or anything like that. It is done through machines and it involves techniques like cavitation, radio frequency and Russian currents,” Mendoza explained.

While not discouraging exercise and diet, Bella noted that she personally understands how tedious that process can be, sharing that she got her body done in 2007.

“My second son was really big, he was 9 pounds ten ounces. So it really took a toll on my stomach area,” said Mendoza

“It was a lot of loose skin.  And when you diet, you lose more fat cells, so your skin is going to get even looser and it makes it harder for when you workout; for your skin to tighten. It’s a very tedious process. And I just wanted a quick fix,” she added.

Her experience trying to recover from her pregnancy catapulted Mendoza into the world of cosmetics, with the mom of two going on to study esthetics at the prestigious Berkowits School in New York.

After out growing her home based operation, Bella Body Spa and Beauty Lounge opened in Queens in July 2019.

The spa offers a variety of services in one location; ranging from nails, hair, and makeup to body sculpting, dermaplaning, and butt plumping.