Bellevue Hospital detects COVID cluster as 21 patients, 2 staff infected by virus

A coronavirus cluster has been discovered at the Bellevue Hospital in Kingston.

21 patients at the Bellevue Hospital in Kingston have tested positive for COVID-19.

Twenty-one of 29 patients tested at the Windward Road hospital returned positive results for COVID-19 up to this past weekend. What’s more, two staff members also tested positive for the virus, according to the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

A team has been sent to Bellevue where a raft of measures has been implemented since.

Included among the measures are the separation of patients who have tested positive from those who have tested negative; testing on wards that share a common area with the ward on which the cluster of cases was detected; symptomatic surveillance of all other wards, with the testing of all symptomatic persons; and the restriction of interaction among staff and patients from different wards.

Additionally, Bellevue’s staff are also being trained in infection prevention and control while doctors will be recruited to swab persons to aid testing.

No new admissions will be accepted to the affected ward.