Bermuda sees huge spike in COVID-19 cases, CDC increases island’s risk status to level 4

Following a recent spike in new infections, Bermuda now has a total of 630 COVID-19 cases.

Within less than two weeks Bermuda moved from having 150 active cases (on March 24) to having 630 active cases as of April 2.

The spike in cases, which has been attributed to community spread, is a cause for concern for the American Centre for Disease Control (CDC) which recently increased the island’s COVID-19 risk assessment status for travelers from level 2 (moderate) to level 4 (very high).

“The CDC has adjusted the Travel Health Notice for Bermuda, changing its status from level 2 to level 4, COVID-19 very high,” revealed a spokesperson attached to the US Consulate General in the island.

The adjustment follows Bermuda’s recent increase in active cases.

“The US Consulate continues to engage with the CDC and US Department of State, providing updates on Bermuda’s status during the pandemic, safety protocols and testing regime for residents and visitors,” added the spokesperson.

In late March Bermuda’s Chief Medical Officer revealed that there had been an uptick in hospitalisations, with more patients being deemed critically ill.

Bermuda’s death toll continues to rise, with the country reporting on Sunday that there were two additional COVID-19 fatalities, bringing the death toll to 14.

The spike has forced a slew of businesses to close and the government to reimpose a host of strict measures. These include the closure of schools, bowling alleys, museums and cinemas.