Beware of coronavirus vaccine scams, warns FDA

We’re not the only ones who are excited about the coronavirus vaccine developments BUZZ Fam; criminals are too. And they are ready and waiting to use this development for scamming purposes.

According to U.S federal investigators, people are to be on the alert for criminals waiting to scam them out of their money or a vaccine.

It warns that no vaccine has yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, the FDA has approved the first treatment for COVID-19, the antiviral drug remdesivir. But it cautions that there is potential for fraud with both of them.

“The FDA is particularly concerned that these deceptive and misleading products might cause Americans to delay or stop appropriate medical treatment, leading to serious and life-threatening harm,” the agency said in a recent statement.

The drug companies are to have safeguards and brand-protection features in place to help avoid fraud, but that may not be available until the second generation of the vaccine. This is because everything is operated on such an emergency basis Karen Gardner, chief marketing officer at SIPCA North America said. She said that makes it more important to educate health care providers on what the real thing looks like.

“When you have anything in high demand and limited supply, there is going to be fraud,” she said. “Desperation will drive people around normal channels.”