Bill Cosby’s lawyers want him out of prison amid coronavirus pandemic

Convicted comedian Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby’s lawyers are preparing to file a motion requesting he be released from prison early amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 82-year-old comedian is serving a three to 10-year sentence at SCI Phoenix in Pennsylvania, a maximum-security state facility. The news comes after unconfirmed reports that two officers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Cosby’s rep, Andrew Wyatt, told Yahoo Entertainment he’s “very concerned” for his client’s health in prison.

“The reason: Mr Cosby is elderly and blind—and always needs to be escorted around the prison by support service inmates, known as Certified Peer Specialists (CPI),” Wyatt said Wednesday.

“Those inmates could fall victim to the coronavirus and easily spread the disease to Mr Cosby as they wheel him around in a wheelchair. Among their duties, the inmates bring Mr Cosby to the infirmary for his doctor appointments and clean his cell,” Wyatt said, adding that Cosby is constantly in contact with correction officers, who could contract the disease on the outside and bring it inside the prison.

As of Tuesday, no inmates at SCI Phoenix have tested positive for COVID-19. However, Wyatt told Yahoo he heard through sources that at least two officers at the prison tested positive.