Black Friday sales go through the roof

Sales of Frozen 2 toys, Paw Patrol, Nerf and other merchandise saw sales for this Black Friday rocket to a new record online.

According to data provided by Adobe Analytics, when final details emerge, customers are expected to have spent more than US$7 billion for online Black Friday sales, 22 per cent more than 2018.

Increases have also been seen on Thanksgiving Day when customers spent US$4.2 billion, a record high. Customers are projected to spend more than US$9 billion for Cyber Monday, which is also expected to be an online record.

Customers are predicted to spend more than US$100 billion over the American holiday season, and 43 per cent of that amount is expected to be roped in by e-commerce giant Amazon.

What this means, however, is that store walk-ins have slowed, and major retailers are worried about how to compete with the e-commerce phenomenon.