BLESS CUBA: Embargoed island to accept virus-hit Caribbean cruise with 600 British passengers

Passengers of the cruise ship Braemar when it stopped in Jamaica earlier this month.

Hundreds of British passengers who were stranded on a Caribbean cruise over coronavirus fears are set to fly home from Cuba.

Captain Jozo Glavic told guests that the cruise ship Braemar was setting sail for Cuba where officials have agreed to accept the ship out of ‘humanitarian concerns’.

The Foreign Office in London said it was “working around the clock to arrange evacuation flights from Cuba to the UK”.

The ship has been anchored near the Bahamas for several days after five people tested positive on the Dutch island of Curacao.

Officials in the Bahamas have refused to let the ship dock but are offering supplies of food and medication. But Sunday night, a diplomatic source in Cuba told CNN that the government there was willing to accept the ship out of “humanitarian concerns”.

The Cuban source said the country was willing to take in the ship in a “shared effort to confront and stop the spread of the pandemic”.