Bodies tossed from funeral van as driver avoids crash in T&T

Two bodies wrapped in white sheets were seen strewn along a roadway in Trinidad as the driver of a funeral home van attempted to avoid collision on Saturday (November 20). 

According to a circulating voicenote, the corpses fell from the vehicle in Arima, however the driver was only made aware that the bodies were  missing from the vehicle when he stopped to get gas. 

A man heard in the voice note said once the driver was made aware that the bodies were missing from the tray he immediately returned to the roadway where he saw them bodies on the roadway.

“When the man coming back from paying for he diesel, he realise the van tray open, when he watch inside, no body,” said the man heard in the voice note.

“He had to fly back up the road and look for the body,” he added. 

A local T&T newspaper reached out to the funeral home in question, who declined to comment on the matter.