BOJ pays out $50m in unjust dismissal case

The BOJ headquarters in down, Kingston.

The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) is set to pay out $50.2 million dollars to a former employee in an unjust dismissal case.

Karim Kiffin—former head of the Strategic Planning and Project Management Centre within the Central Bank—was adjudged to have been dismissed without justifiable cause in 2018.

The ruling was handed down on Monday by the Industrial Disputes Tribunal (IDT).

Kiffin’s case was heard during a seven-month period where he was represented by Trade Unionist Lambert Brown and lawyers Ronald Young and Natalia Casada Desulme. The BOJ was represented by Patrick Foster, QC. The payout is one of the highest handed down by the IDT in recent times but is $63 million less than what Kiffin had originally sought to get.