Bolt, ‘Pepe’ switch allegiance to Portmore United in support of ‘Bibi’

Portmore United coach and former Reggae Boyz Ricardo Gardner.

Two of Jamaica’s iconic sportsmen, Usain Bolt and former Reggae Boyz Ian ‘Pepe’ Goodison have thrown their support behind their friend Ricardo Gardner and have switched their Red Stripe Premier League allegiance to Portmore United.

Both were at Portmore’s match on Sunday (Oct 13) against UWI at the Spanish Town Prison Oval. Bolt could be heard on several occasions shouting instructions to players from Portmore United which is coached by Gardner.

Usain Bolt at the Portmore United match on Sunday (Oct 13).

Goodison said, “I have to be anywhere my friends are and Bibi is the coach of Portmore so I have to support him.”

They believe that Portmore have shown improvement since the start of the season when they lost their first three matches.

Bolt, who was watching Portmore for the fourth time this season, said, “I feel that the match today is way better than how they played when they started. I have seen improvement from the first couple of matches. I love the performance as they have gotten a lot of chances and could have scored more goals, but the fact that they are getting chances means that in time they will get refined.

Ian Pepe Goodison at the Portmore United match on Sunday (Oct 13).

Goodison added, “It is how football goes. Football nuh sleep a nuh body yard. At the end of the day, Portmore lose the first three, but they are picking up now and I hope it continues. Since I started following Portmore I hear that they always had a slow start, so I said maybe it is the same thing. Hopefully, [Gardner] can do what Shavar [Thomas] leave off because Shavar did well so he will have to come and take the time and do what he can do.”

In the end, they had something to rejoice about, as Portmore recovered from a goal down, to win the match 2-1.