Bolt shares his excitement about the Olympic Games

This is the first Olympic Games since legendary athlete Usain Bolt hung up his spikes, but that has done little to curb his excitement about the iconic event

The sprint star recently revealed that he is excited that athletes will finally get a chance to compete following the postponement of the games.

Not only is Bolt excited for his former colleagues, but he’s super excited to be an observer of the games rather than a participant.

“It’s definitely going to be exciting for me” Bolt said in an interview that was posted on the official social media pages associated with the Tokyo Olympics.

“I know that the athletes are really happy to finally get back to competing at the highest level. So for me it is going to be something big. Just seeing the athletes and I talked to a few of them and they were so unhappy last year when it got cancelled” he added.

Bolt disclosed that he was happy that the athletes would be competing despite him not being there.

“I think it’s strange just to watch a 100m final and I’m not in it…but for me, I’m more excited that anything else just for all these guys to finally get back on the track and get going,” he said.

He went on to add that he was looking forward to watching different events at the games including the skateboarding competition and also the basketball games.

He also declared, that despite him not being nervous when he was on the track, he is a pack of nerves when watching the events especially when Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is running.

“I get really nervous watching Shelly-Ann run and all these guys just competing. I don’t know why because when I was running, I was never this nervous but watching them I get really nervous watching the 100m finals, or 200m, even the 400m, I get nervous and worried ” he disclosed.

Bolt also used the occasion to share some advice for Pryce, stating that she needs to show her personality a bit more so that the fans will come to know her even more.

“I’m always saying show you personality, people will love it but she gets nervous when it comes to big crowds and I’m like listen it’s all about personality. People they want to come out and see you run but they want to know who you are as a person and I told her that’s why people love me. Yes I ran fast but people knew who I was and enjoyed watching me compete” he added.

Bolt had been expected to attend the games but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sprint star decided that it would be better to stay at home with his family.