Botswana dehorns rhinos to save them from poachers

Illegal hunting of Botswana’s dwindling rhino population has forced the African nation to take a drastic step – dehorning the animals using chainsaws.

The animals are poached for their horns which are sold in East Asia where they are believed to cure cancer and other illnesses.

Removing the horns will make the animals worthless to poachers who have killed almost 60 of the creatures in the past two years alone.

In addition to removing the horns, the rhinos will be moved away from the Okavango Delta, a wildlife sanctuary where most of the population live, which is left largely unprotected by border patrol.

Principal veterinary officer of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Mmadi Reuben, said, “The message that rhinos have been dehorned must be spread far and wide”, in a video shared by the government on social media last week.